The Adamant Way

The origin of the company name

"Adamant" was named after the origin of a word meaning extremely hard.
It was derived from the "adamas", a Greek origin "diamond".
At the time of founding, our main products were watch jewels that were made of a hard material.
Our core technology started by processing such materials.


Connecting Values

Our core philosophy is "Connecting Values".  We combine the value of our core expert precision technologies with other values such as advanced development, solutions, high quality and reliability to realize value for the customer as never experienced before.

Conecting Values


The logo presents the history of Adamant and the attitude towards our customers. The whole design shows “Diamond”, which is the origin of Adamant, and each point at the corners (tips) shows “Values” owned by Adamant and our customers. By connecting the “Values”, we aim to create new values which lead to contribution towards the glory of society.