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Multimode Ferrule

Multimode Ferrule

At present, the Multimode Zirconia Ferrules are of low price and typically required for LAN and/or SAN Applications. However, multimode ferrules were often considered to be an inferior product when compared with the singlemode ferrules. Although low at cost, its capabilities vary and in the past, a constant supply of these ferrules was a problem.
In our case, the multimode zirconia ferrules are manufactured by an injection molding process similar to the manufacturing of our other zirconia ferrules. To achieve the same standard as the singlemode zirconia ferrules, we optimize the manufacturing process of the multimode ferrules and can provide constant supply of inventory.

The multimode ferrules vary in OD Sizes. The OD Ferrule Size for ST, FC and SC Connectors are φ2.5mm. The ferrule OD is φ1.25 mm for the MU and LC Connector Versions. The Multimode Ferrules are available with and without a flange.

End-face Diameter

Singlemode Ferruleフェルール端面径・端面形状

Distrubution of concentricity

Singlemode Ferruleフェルール端面径・端面形状

Appearance: Multimode Ferrule

マルチモードフェルールASC-PMAタイプ マルチモードフェルールASC-PMA50タイプ マルチモードフェルールASC-PMBタイプ マルチモードフェルールASC-PMB50タイプ
ASC-PMA type ASC-PMA50 type ASC-PMB type ASC-PMB50 type
マルチモードフェルールASC-PMCタイプ マルチモードフェルールAST-PMAタイプ マルチモードフェルールAST-PMCタイプ
ASC-PMC type AST-PMA type AST-PMC type



マルチモードフェルールAMU-FMAタイプ マルチモードフェルールAMU-FMBタイプ マルチモードフェルールAMU-FMDタイプ マルチモードフェルールALC-FMAタイプ
AMU-FMA type AMU-FMB type AMU-FMD type ALC-FMA type
ALC-FMB type  

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Multimode Ferrule