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MEMS Optical Switch

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ADAMANT's MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) Optical Switch are designed a small footprint package with providing low insertion loss, flat wavelength dependence loss (WDL), low polarization dependence loss (PDL) and performing less than 1ms/10ms switching speed.
The Optical Switch has our original robust structure MEMS chip which is patented design. It never happen pull in effect and sticking the mirror during operation. The MEMS chip is hermetic sealed in the metal package by our perfect welding technology to provide high reliability.

- Patented MEMS design and process (US 7535620)       
- Switching channel : 1×2 / 1×N(~15)
- Small package : Φ5.6×31mm / φ5.6×32mm
- Operating voltage : < 8V / <45V
- Switching Time : 1ms max / 10ms max

- Switching
- Blocking


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