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We provide Full Foundry Service, Development, Prototyping, and OEM Manufacturing of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) products through an established partnership agreement with Micralyne Inc. Micralyne is a Canadian company with significant fabrication experience and broad technical capabilities for processing MEMS. We provide access to this advanced technology and the opportunity to work with Micralyne, which is a world leader in quality MEMS manufacturing. Through Micralyne, we provide competitive MEMS Device with high quality, fair value, and successful commercialization.

MEMS: Characteristics and Advantages of Technology

Micralyne provides Full Foundry Services in Surface / Bulk / SOI micromachining, Microfluidics, Thin Film Metallization, Electroplating, Dicing, and Packaging of Wire Bonding. They have extensive technical know-how and significant customer experience with manufacturing MEMS Device at both low and high volumes.

All development and manufacturing facilities are designed and setup for dedicated production of MEMS Device rather than converted from a former semiconductor production line. Micralyne’s silicon wafer size is 4 and 6 inches.

MEMS: Track Record of Developing, Prototyping, and OEM Manufacturing

・Communication and Electronics
Optical Switches, Waveguides, Variable Optical Attenuators, RF Switches, Microrelays, Transducers, Silicon Optical Bench, Silicon Fiber Array, WDM Filter, Sensors for Automobiles, Printer Parts, Laser Diode Submounts, and AuSn Solder Alloy, to name a few.

Genetic Analysis Components, Proteomics Components, Drug Delivery Systems, Drug Discovery System, Material Discovery System, Micro Reactors, Water Analysis, and Sample Preparation Systems, to name a few.