Energy Harvesting Devices
(Compact Generators)


Compact and self-charging high efficient vibration-driven Energy Harvesting Device.
Great Energy source for wireless communications such as Specified Low Power Radio (2.4GHz/920MHz/ 420MHz/315MHz) and IR.

Specifications and Typical Values
Type / Motion Max. Power
Ave. Power
Energy Source
Vibration 62* 20* - 36×20×56 Vibration

Handshaking 287 76 - 36×20×100 Acceleration
Slide Side to Side 389 139 - 36×20×165 Gravitational Movement

Up and Down 30 - 6.8
Switch Push and Release 254 - 5.0 36×20×128 Applied Force
Force Drive 430 - 8.8 36×20×180 Applied Force
  * Frequency : 20 Hz, Total amplitude : 2 mm, Acceleration : 15.8 m/s2 (1.6 G)

We deliver products customized to size, material and resonant frequency of your device to match the requirements of your application.

※These products are under development. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Typical Configuration (No Battery : Sensor and Wireless Drive)



1.Various product rollouts in the Environmental, Industrial,
 and Welfare Fields.

  • Small independent power source for wireless sensor networks, night LED lighting or  security systems.
  • Auxiliary power source for longer battery life.


2.Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Continuous energy supply without charging or fueling.
  • Reduced battery cost and replacement cost.
  • Enabled for dangerous environments.



  • On-demand energy supply (as needed).
  • Non disposal and non recyclable.
  • Re-usable energy.



Further Information
Energy Harvesting Devices
Energy Harvesting Devices